Production Builder Canyon County

There are 4 production builders: Coleman Homes, Hayden Homes, CBH, and Hubble Homes. A lot would say they fall in that order for overall quality and experience. However, each has its strength that can cater better to your needs.

CBH and Hubble both build at a  price per square feet most cannot beat in the valley. They are VERY affordable homes!

If you find the floor plan you like first, we can pull lot availability and pricing for you. The base prices you see online includes a “builder included lot”. Those are hard to find but possible. So you can expect to pay anywhere from 1,500 - 15,000 dollars in a lot premium.

Here are some community suggestions:

  • Coleman Homes:

 Coleman Homes have  communities in Canyon county at Carriage Hill and Fairhaven. This is the only production builder that will have a pool in each of its communities. They typically have more landscaping, walking paths, and common areas as well. They offer lots of good floor plan options to choose from 

Fairhaven - Nampa

Carriage Hill - Nampa

  • Hayden Homes:

Scroll down and click on the city you like and then click on the community on the map to pull up base prices. Hayden Home is step below Coleman Homes. They will do pre-solds as well. They dont have quite as many floor plan and design options as Coleman which some prefer because it can be less stress full to be given less options through the building process.

Lost River - Nampa

Sawtooth Lakes - Middleton

Meadow Crest - Nampa

Heritage Meadows - Caldwell

  • CBH:

CBH builds more homes than any body else. They had a bad reputation in the early 2000s, but have improved dramatically over the years. They have lots of options. The often offer incentives to buy their homes. Some of their communities are finished at a higher level than others. Please contact us for more information.

  • Hubble Homes:

They can be a great fit for some. 

Adam Ridge - Nampa: This place has a pool and community clubhouse. Most of their communities do not have these amenities