Nampa, Idaho

Nampa is a dynamic city located west of Meridian.  Locals will often refer to Nampa and Caldwell as the same area, however, they are two separate cities.

Despite being a little distance from Boise, Nampa is well populated and has grown to around 90,000 residents. This makes it similar to Meridian in population and a large city by Idaho standards.   Nampa is known for its bird refuge, Warhawk Air Museum, and shopping. Surrounding smaller city residents will often choose to drive into the Nampa area for the large shopping and activity options. There are also a number of lakes and outdoor activities for boating, fishing, and swimming.  Lowell Lake is a great place to boat, waterski and recreate and is less than a half hour from the city limits at Lake Lowell.

In the Nampa city limits you will find open spaces and the opportunity to buy more for your money when it comes to homes. There are a variety of homes that range in different sizes and prices throughout the different neighborhoods. If you are looking for an affordable place, or a larger, active city, Nampa may be for you!


Nampa Middle School Boundaries