Middleton, Idaho

Middleton is a peaceful city that offers the perfect rural lifestyle in the Treasure Valley. It is located west of Star and, like Star, many choose this location to remove themselves a bit more from the city life of Boise. The rural communities offer inexpensive land and a slower pace of life than many of the other cities near Boise. 

Middleton is known for its fields, open spaces, close community, and festivals. Throughout the year, the city hosts many different events including rodeos and car shows.

The community is also known for supporting the schools and neighborhoods. Middleton has a low crime rate making it a great safe place for young families and families with school-aged children.

For those looking for outdoor fun, Middleton has many parks and outdoor spaces. Hiking, 4-wheeling, and snowmobiling are all easily accessible. Within a short drive you can also be at the foothills. A  few hours drive from Middleton, is McCall which is a great place for camping, hiking, and the river that many come from great distances to see.

If you have come to Idaho looking for land, a quiet community, and outdoor fun then Middleton is a great option. For many, this is the place to call home.


Middleton Elementary and Middle School Boundaries