Eagle, Idaho

Eagle is a charming city with a population of around 24,000. It is located northwest of Boise up against the foothills.  Many of the areas in Eagle offer homeowners the option of larger lots and larger homes while still being within a close distance of the capital city. 

Eagle has become a popular suburb and many love living closer to the foothills and the recreation they provide. Residents enjoy the city’s golf courses, bike park, hiking, and Eagle Island State Park. One of its main attractions is the well maintained greenbelt bike path that connects Eagle to Boise along the Boise river. Additionally, you will find many families taking advantage of the kid-friendly parks, and spending time together outside.

While Eagle’s downtown is small, it has a historic feel. During the weekends, local people can be found downtown at the Eagle Saturday Market selling produce, crafts, and other homegoods at Heritage Park. 

The town also has several well-loved restaurants and coffee shops intermixed with boutiques and sweet shops that are all within walking distance. 

There are several larger neighborhoods on the edge of Eagle which are currently growing and offer the perfect opportunity to build or buy with new construction. Many of these areas are upscale neighborhoods and have become popular, well-loved places to grow a family and find a forever home.

If you are looking for a more established home and yard, downtown Eagle is the perfect spot. These homes are smaller in size, but offer land with mature yards and community. These older communities have become especially tight-knit and are great for all ages and stages of life. 

No matter where you end up in Eagle, it is definitely the perfect place to call home.